Measuring visitor behavior

ExpoCloud Event-Metrics provides you with performance data for analyzing the visitor behavior around your trade fair booth. The number of trade fair hall and stand visitors, their length of stay and the proportion of returning visitors - just like Google Analytics in online marketing. All data are provided either as interactive graphics or Excel-sheets to download them for your presentation. With Event-Metrics your live-communication actions become as measurable and transparent as your online marketing. With Event-Metrics ExpoCloud provides you with a data based foundation for making decisions and for the strategic orientation of your business.

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Capture visitor flows automatically

With Event-Metrics you can use data to rate the performance of your live-communication actions with only the touch of a button. For this all you have to do is place a small sensor at your trade fair booth. It captures the behavior of the event visitors based on WiFi technology GDPR-compliantly. This data is availbable shortly after on our platform. Analyze visitor behavior at your booth, optimize your trade fair concept and assess the success of your live-marketing actions based on defined KPIs. Event-Metrics offers you a long-term and valid decision basis for the strategic direction of your live communication.

How Event-Metrics sensors capture and measure

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Your Brand Awareness in numbers

The Event-Metrics sensor measures in a maximum range of 50 to 100 meters around the booth. The range depends on a number of factors such as corridor width and the building materials used. Trade fair visitors moving around within this area are captured and will be counted as passages in ExpoCloud. Graphics and numbers show the hourly progress per day and for the duration of the event. This information is available shortly after in ExpoCloud.

A closer look at your booth visitors

To accurately track your booth visitors, the Event-Metrics sensor measures in a second radius, adapted to the size of your booth. People staying within the range for more than 90 seconds are counted as visitors. You can track the number of visitors, their average duration and the proportion of returning visitors at your booth in ExpoCloud.

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Pricing & Versions

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Business analysis in live communication

The Business Analytics module of ExpoCloud Event-Metrics shows revenue distribution by product and service group. Detailed evaluations down to item level can be found for high turnover products. Important insights to maximize performance within the ExpoCloud benefit rental equipment suppliers, advertising material dealers, exhibitors, caterers and exhibition builders alike. The additional quality checks reveal wheter the prescribed quality management standards are being met and enable targeted intervention at an early stage. With the insights reporting function, reports can be automatically set, created and sent on a regular basis.

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The Event Performance App

The ExpoCloud App offers all event performance data from Event-Metrics at the touch of a button. You have all data at hand and can use it to answer questions like:

  • Which exhibit is more attractive?
  • Is the booth concept accepted?
  • Which day is the most important one?
  • Which time of day is visited most?
  • Was the activity at our booth a success?
  • Which event is most efficient?
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  • Measurement of visitor behavior
  • WiFi tracking
  • GDPR-compliant tracking
  • Evaluate Brand Awareness with Event Metrics
  • Business analysis in live-communication

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