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Virtual exhibition stand in 2D or 3D

Create a virtual exhibition stand and provide your customers with a digital exhibition experience. With Studio VirtualShow, the exhibition stand becomes an interactive experience - in 2D or 3D. With numerous options such as the integration of videos, forms, PDF files and many other widgets, you can expand your virtual exhibition stand and turn it into a multimedia infotainment experience.

Virtual exhibition stand 2D

Create a virtual exhibition stand in 2D

To create a virtual exhibition stand in 2D in Studio VirtualShow all you need is an image of your booth. Once you have uploaded the image, you can start adding interaction points to your virtual exhibition stand. Because of the very short loading time of the virtual stand and the multimedia presentation thanks to the interaction points, a great visitor experience is guaranteed.

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Simple to use

Quick implementation

Short loading time


Visitor experience

Virtual exhibition stand 3D

Create a virtual exhibition stand in 3D

With the additional dimension, you enable visitors to move freely within the virtual exhibition stand. Therefore, visitors can experience your virtual exhibition stand from every perspective. Simply upload a CAD file in Studio VirtualShow and you can start editing the virtual trade fair experience.

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Move within the virtual world


Use planning data

Visitor experience

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Many possibilities with the Studio VirtualShow widgets

The many widgets available in Studio VirtualShow not only enable you to create a virtual exhibition stand but a whole interactive experience. No matter if you prefer 2D or 3D, the widgets are available for both versions and allow you to use your already available product information and integrate it into your virtual exhibition stand.


Interactive exhibition stand

Multimedia experience

Many APIs


Many uses


What are the possible uses of a virtual exhibition stand?

A virtual exhibition stand offers many different possible uses, whether related to a real event or independent and on its own. Because it is virtually accessible, it offers many advantages that events in the offline world cannot offer: the virtual trade fair stand can be reached anywhere and at any time. This makes the virtual trade fair stand a great extension of real events. But also independent of specific events, the virtual trade fair stand is a versatile marketing instrument.

Related to real events (hybrid events)

Virtual exhibition stands can be used before real trade fairs or events to advertise for a trade fair appearance. If the virtual trade fair stand is a copy of the real trade fair stand (digital twin) you create a recognition value at the real trade fair, the real exhibition stand is then found faster and looks familiar to the visitor, which already creates more trust. If you use your virtual exhibition stand during or after a real event, you will enhance the trade fair experience. In addition to the offline world, bring your stand visitors directly into the virtual environment, onto your website and make them a lead. Thanks to the virtual extension you have the possibility to work more multimedia-based and to use more of your product information, e.g. by embedding videos.

Independent of real events

However, the virtual trade fair stand must not always be seen as an extension of real trade fairs. Virtual exhibition stands are also a versatile marketing instrument when used on its own. By incorporating the many different widgets, you can combine your various product information in one place and make it more interesting and often easier for visitors to experience the content than by navigating through a website.

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