Visitor Tracking

When combining a WiFi signal with our Event Metrics technology you can capture all visitors and their behavior at and around your booth.

  • Privacy compliant recording
  • Automated and self-sufficient data collection
  • Realtime tracking and reporting *

Event Metrics Hardware

*  Realtime is available depending on mobile network and UMTS      availabillity

Dashboards for more transperency

With our Dashboard technology key figures and data from the ExpoCloud are visualized externally to ensure increased project focus for all parties involved.

  • Project status visible at any time
  • Performance data always in sight
  • Scheduling clearly displayed

Dashboard Hardware

ExpoCloud is innovative and safe


The Event-Resource-Management Platform was awarded the second place IT Innovations Award in Spring 2017 as part of the CeBIT by the Initiative Mittelstand (German initiative of mid-sized enterprises), in the On Demand category. In summer 2017 the ExpoCloud Platform was the national winner of the WeDoDigital Award in the Information- and Communications industry in Berlin.