Capture visitor flows automatically

With Event Metrics you can use data to rate the performance  of your live-communication-actions at the touch of a button. For this we place a small sensor at your trade fair booth. It captures, privacy compliant, the behavior of the event visitors based on WiFi technology. This data is available in realtime on our platform *. Analyse visitor behavior at your booth, optimize your trade fair concept and assess the success of your live-marketing actions based on defined KPIs. Event Metrics offers you a long-term and valid decision basis for the strategic direction of your live-communication.

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ExpoCloud Event Metrics Sensor

This is how Event Metrics sensors measure and capture trade fair- and booth visitors



Your brand awareness in numbers

The maximum range of an Event Metrics sensor is 50 - 100 Meter around the booth. The range depends on a number of factors like corridor width and building materials used. Trade fair visitors moving around within this area are captured and will be counted as a passage in ExpoCloud. Graphs and numbers show the hourly progress per day and for the duration of the event. This information is available in realtime* in ExpoCloud. 


*  Realtime is available depending on mobile network and UMTS availabillity


A closer look at your booth visitors

To accurately track your booth visitors, the Event Metrics sensor measures in a second radius, adapted to the size of your booth. People staying for more than 90 seconds within this radius are counted as a visitor. You can track the number of, average duration and the returning visitors at your booth in ExpoCloud.

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