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Exhibition stand for 1KOMMA5
at the building fair in Göttingen

Stand size

40 qm


Baumesse Göttingen





The trade fair appearance and stand design

The 1KOMMA5° stand at the Göttingen construction trade fair was undoubtedly an impressive experience for visitors. With its modern design and eye-catching LED walls in the background, the stand attracted the attention of trade fair visitors and skillfully showcased the brand. The clear brand color eggplant was an instant attraction and gave the stand an unmistakable identity. The inviting seating area invited visitors to take a seat and find out more about 1KOMMA5°'s products and services.

1KOMMA5° is a successful start-up and a pioneer in the energy sector that offers innovative solutions for a sustainable energy supply in the home. Its wide range of products includes intelligent energy systems such as solar systems, energy storage systems and heat pumps that enable customers to manage their energy consumption efficiently and contribute to environmental protection. 1KOMMA5°'s commitment to renewable energy and intelligent solutions is not only reflected in their products, but also in their trade fair presence at the Baumesse Göttingen.

The design of the exhibition stand included the integration of a high-resolution 55-inch 4K TV, an infographic with the apt slogan "Intelligent energy products for your home", LED spotlights and our dynamic B124 & B62 frames. Particularly noteworthy is the innovative frame system, which not only provides fascinating backlighting, but also enables an almost unlimited creative variety in the use of textile graphics. Flexibility is an outstanding feature of 1KOMMA5°. Thanks to this frame system, the exhibition stand can be transformed into different designs in no time at all. In this way, the frames set a new standard for adaptable trade fair experiences that make a lasting impression.

Impact on trade fair visitors

The reaction of trade fair visitors to the stand we designed for 1KOMMA5° was overwhelming. The eye-catching color eggplant and the impressive LED walls in the background immediately attracted their attention and created an atmosphere of curiosity. The presentation of renewable smart energy further intrigued visitors and piqued their interest.

The successful combination of an appealing stand design and innovative products made the stand a real attraction at the trade fair. Visitors were invited to experience the products up close and see their functionality for themselves. This direct interaction not only helped to arouse the interest of visitors, but also to anchor the 1KOMMA5° brand firmly in their minds.


Special eye-catchers

1KOMMA5°'s large stand, which covered an area of 40 square meters, was a real highlight at the trade fair. The bright eggplant color of the stand magically attracted the eyes of visitors and gave it a unique visual identity. The LED walls placed in the background presented the brand with dynamic content and colorful animations.

Another highlight was the informative displays on the stand, which provided visitors with valuable information about 1KOMMA5°'s intelligent energy systems. Visually appealing and clearly structured, they made it easy for visitors to find out about the products and services on offer. The interactive design of the displays helped to pique visitors' interest and create an immersive experience.

In addition to the informative elements, the child-friendly seating area on the stand also generated a lot of enthusiasm. They created an inviting and family-friendly atmosphere in which not only the adults but also the youngest visitors felt comfortable. These lovingly designed seating areas made it clear that 1KOMMA5° was also thinking about the needs of the next generation and striving for sustainable interaction.


Personal thoughts on the trade fair stand

The 1KOMMA5° exhibition stand was a complete success! Despite the initial challenges of creating an appealing modular exhibition stand in a short space of time, the end result was extremely impressive and attracted a large number of trade fair visitors. Together with the dynamic team from 1KOMMA5°, we managed to create a stand that showcased the brand in an impressive way.

This marks the start of a long-term partnership between 1KOMMA5° and our team. I am already looking forward to the multitude of future projects that are already being planned and waiting to be realized.

Logo 1KOMMA5°
The trade fair stand for our location in Göttingen was a complete success. We were able to clearly stand out from the competition with this individual and eye-catching stand. The modular walls are very important to us, as they enable us to successfully implement sustainable trade fair appearances.

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