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Excellent, innovative and safe

From article management with availability forecasting for advertising materials or exhibition systems and the intuitive  ordering system to user- and event-management, to Google Analytics-like visitor behavior analytics, as well as revenue distribution and quality management. By choosing the package that suits your needs you determine the speed, scalability and agility in your live-communication. ExpoCloud is process-optimized 360 degree event resource management.

Making your live-communication agile

  • Exhibitors - manage events
  • Event agencies - execute orders
  • Stand builders - analyze successes
  • Rental equipment providers - offer rental equipment
  • Caterer - get fair catering jobs
  • Event logistics - offer services
  •  Advertising materials dealer - present products
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Contract Management

Easy to manage Event-Resource-Management

Contract Management lets you customize all access and permission requirements to your ExpoCloud. User Management defines your internal users or your live communication business partners and assigns the necessary authorization levels. In portal management, you can integrate your logo and set the colors of your platform according to your corporate design. If all users and stakeholders are integrated as visible contacts, your project communication is accelerated immensely.


Contract Management

  • Exhibitors
  • Event agencies
  • Stand builders
  • Rental equipment providers
  • Caterer
  • Event logistics
  • Promotional materials dealers
User - Management

Easily manage internal users

The integrated user management makes it easy to control the user rights of any members from your organization. Not only can you invite new users to the platform, but also easily assign their functional rights. Functional rights describe what your users are allowed to do on the platform. In addition, you can also clearly define who may work with which information.

An Account Manager should only see his own orders - his team lead  however should be able to see the operations of all team members. For large amounts of users rights can be assigned conveniently by using group permissions. So you do not have to determine the functional and content rights for each user individually, but simply assign the user to a preconfigured authorization group.

ExpoCloud Contract-Management - User-Management


Controlled growth

ExpoCloud's cost per user is low -  because we want you to work as efficiently as possible and not have to think about user licenses. Therefore, you can easily transfer administrative tasks to other users. To do this a contract manager simply defines the administrative rights to the respective users. For compliance reasons, the distribution of administrative rights can only be exercised by the contract administrator.

Supplier - Management

Manage and enable suppliers

ExpoCloud combines the benefits of closed system security with the product diversity of open platforms. The Supplier management module is at the centre of this. The contract manager can view all suppliers and their product portfolio available on the platform . If he now wants to have this supplier available in his portal, he simply releases the supplier code in contract management.

Billing and delivery settings are automatically transferred to the contract management. In addition, the resource management function can be used to restrict the products of the supplier. So one does not have to take over all products of the supplier and can release selected products to different user groups - or not.

Resource - Management

Resource Management

The integrated resource management module automatically adjusts to your role. As an exhibitor, you can use Resource Management (Resource Administrator rights required) to determine which resources of a Certified Supplier may be used by your organization. Resource management in combination with group authorizations even offers the possibility of providing different resources to different user groups in your organization.

As a supplier, you can efficiently deploy resources to ExpoCloud. The possibilities of product presentation are almost unlimited. You can present your product with pictures, documents and videos. In addition, all process-relevant parameters such as weight, dimensions, availability and prices are recorded in resource management.

ExpoCloud Contract-Management - Resource-Management


Another highlight in resource management is the integration of ExpoCloud Studio technology. This allows vendors to deploy their products as CAD objects for use in ExpoCloud Studio.

The ExpoCloud Studio technology makes it possible to combine products of different suppliers in a trade fair or event concept in 3D. Studio has the same availability algorithms as all other order apps, providing users with only resources available at the time of the event.


Druckdaten - Management

Printing data management

ExpoCloud printing data management is a resource management extension to include individual print data. This module enables the integration of internal and external employees (event agencies) in the process of data creation.

With this in mind, agencies can for instance store the printing data for printed matter in the system at any time. For example, suppliers can Produce brochures directly based on the current print data. For compliance reasons every change as well as every upload of print data is stored and logged.

ExpoCloud ExpoCloud Contract-Management - Druckdaten-Management


The Print Data Management module supports and logs the exchange of print data between customer and supplier. It simplifies processes and enables the exchange of information with new providers. In addition, the print data module can also be used to customize generic products. Thus, e.g. An advertising material dealer offers ballpoint pens in the platform and enables the simple individualization of the product by the customer via the print data module.

News - Management

Inspire teams

ExpoCloud News Management is an easy solution for distributing news on the platform to its users or user groups. If the module is activated, the addressees will be presented with the news set directly when they log in on the start page. This can e.g. be new products, event strategies or event reports. This is all structured by the set group policies. With this in mind, the news administrator can select the groups of users to whom the news should be displayed.

In addition, the News module has a full editor that not only makes it possible to create a professional text layout, but also to integrate images and links. Especially through the integration of links, you can point the news receivers directly to relevant resources in the portal.

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Ordering made easy, clear and fast

Here you can find all articles of Rental Furniture and Exhibition System Partners of ExpoCloud. A steadily growing portfolio for tailor-made implementation and furnishing of trade fair stands. In the standard ordering process, the inventory of all resources or the portfolio of any assigned rental equipment provider, caterer or promotional products dealer can be ordered. Whether as an exhibitor, agency or trade fair organizer, the workflow is perfectly coordinated and thanks to our clear procedures you always have an overview of the status of all live marketing orders. Over 50,000 orders are placed in ExpoCloud today. From advertising material, give-aways, flyers and brochures to exhibits, trade fair sets and entire exhibition stands.


  • Exhibitors
  • Event agencies
  • Stand builders
  • Rental equipment providers
  • Caterer
  • Event logistic companies
  • Promotional products dealers
ExpoCloud 3D - Studio

Studio - 3D Standdesigner

With ExpoCloud Studio a booth can be visualized and ordered easily and intuitively, planned directly in 3D. The entire portfolio of rental furniture and exhibition systems of all ExpoCloud providers is represented and ready for use. This guarantees independence and freedom for equipment and scope of the outside appearance. Own graphics, whether stored as a resource in ExpoCloud or locally from your desktop can be integrated.

Orders with low price logistics

In the standard order process, each user is provided with the resources that have been shared or allocated to them. Whether owned or rental equipment, catering, event technology, advertising materials, flyers, brochures or entire exhibition stands and modular exhibition systems. In the ExpoCloud order workflow, the cheapest logistics are automatically offered first and, if speed is an issue at times, express surcharges are also indicated. ExpoCloud customers benefit from the bundled volume of use of all users.

ExpoCloud Produkt-Shop
ExpoCloud Produkt - Shop Vorgänge

Operations always at call

In ExpoCloud Shop all processes are available on demand. Whether online orders, job orders, delivery notes, invoices or credit notes. The search and sorting by date, status, rating or even orderer is, especially with a large number of orders, helpful.

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Exhibition and event equipment at a glance

With ExpoCloud Resources all inventoried event equipment is at your disposal. Extensive product descriptions and information on size, weight, packaging units, as well as PDF documents, product images, films and even CAD data can be displayed. From advertising materials and giveaways to print products and roll-ups to entire trade fair sets - the entire inventory with real-time inventory and forecasted future availability on demand at any time. Rental equipment and catering are also available as resources. Exhibitors, event agencies and booth builders share all necessary and project related information. As a supplier of rental equipment, caterers or promotional products dealers, you can use ExpoCloud to offer your products to more than 5,000 active users as resources and to generate new orders.


  • Exhibitors
  • Event agencies
  • Stand builders
  • Rental equipment providers
  • Caterer
  • Event logistics companies
  • Promotional products distributors
ExpoCloud Werbemittel

Advertising material - always in stock

With ExpoCloud, the current stock of all advertising media and give-aways as well as marketing material can be viewed in real time any time. The forecasted future demand of items and the automated message when an article falls below the defined minimum amount ensure security in event resource management. In ExpoCloud, promotional products dealers, exhibitors and agencies work together effectively and in a streamlined way.

Rental equipment - maximum choice

The ExpoCloud platform unites exhibitors, event agencies and booth builders with rental equipment providers. When designing and planning a trade fair stand, all those involved rely on the largest selection of rental furniture, accessories and much more. No limits in choice and freedom in conception of the booth. ExpoCloud is the ideal place for rental companies to present its own portfolio to over 5,000 active users.

ExpoCloud Mietequipment
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Event Management

Structured event planning

ExpoCloud event management provides an overview of all past and future events, such as trade fairs, congresses, seminars and meetings. Event-specific internal and external contact persons of the individual events as well as the date and stand size can be filed. Event Management is the easy and structured overview of all live communication measures. Event Management will be extended with a Participant Management module in 2020 and will guide the entire conversion and sign-up process to on-site appointments.


  • Exhibitors
  • Event agencies
  • Stand builders
  • Event logistic companies
ExpoCloud Event-Management Metrics

Analyze your event performance

With Event Metrics you get a data based record the performance of your events at the touch of a button. A small sensor filled with WiFi technology is placed on the exhibition stand and captures the behavior of visitors, comparable to Google Analytics in online marketing.

  • Number of trade fair and booth visitors
  • Average visit duration
  • Proportion of returning visitors

Get all this data in real-time and evaluate the success of your live communication efforts KPI-based. For the strategic orientation of your live marketing, Event Metrics offers you a valid and reliable decision-making basis.