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Event-Metrics Whitepaper


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Event metrics is to live communication what Google Analytics is to online marketing. Until now, questions about the success of trade fair participations or trade fair stand concepts were answered on the basis of subjective perceptions or the results of inaccurate measurement technologies. This is now a thing of the past. Event-Metrics revolutionises the measurement of success in live communication with KPI-based analysis data on the performance of your trade fair presence. Event-Metrics is based on WLAN tracking technology. Find out exactly how it works, what the advantages and disadvantages of this methodology are and why the Event-Metrics technology is still applicable even after the latest DSGVO regulation in our white paper.

With the analysis data that Event-Metrics makes available to you, you can accurately evaluate the success of your trade fair presence. The number of trade fair and stand visitors, their dwell time at your stand and the percentage of returning visitors is only part of the performance-based key figures you gain by measuring with Event-Metrics. You can find more information about the data Event-Metrics provides you with in the free whitepaper.

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What is Event Metrics

Measurement of visitor behaviour

WLAN tracking

DSGVO-compliant recording

Assessing brand awareness with event metrics

 Business analysis in live communication