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ADVA Optical Networking




ADVA Optical Networking



A strong technology for a strong communication

At every ADVA Optical event, clear and professional customer communication is the top priority. To leave a lasting impression in live communication, it takes a lot of rules - or LED trade show walls. Because this modern technology enables ADVA Optical to create a digital, flexible and state-of-the-art corporate presentation that simultaneously attracts the full attention of event visitors. The modular frame system offers endless combination possibilities for individual company presentation. Digital exhibition walls and classic graphics can be implemented here without visible transitions and with minimal effort. ADVA Optical's marketing department uses a simple PowerPoint template to create an individual image presentation, video or text content, which is simply played out on the trade fair wall via a notebook provided.


More digitization for more efficiency

The use of digital exhibition walls is not only an optimal presentation option for the "Network Transformation Award Winner for Best Energy Efficiency", but also ensures more efficient event management. This is because the use of digital exhibition walls means that fewer classic graphics are required and printing costs are reduced. For new products and innovations from ADVA Optical, graphics now no longer need to be reprinted, but only digitally adapted in the presentation. It's quick and easy, no fuss, for greater efficiency, and environmentally friendly too. By the way, ADVA Optical also saves storage space, because the LED technology can simply be rented in full. Even the presentation file (PowerPoint or MP4) takes up only a few megabytes on a USB stick.

Since we started using digital trade show walls at our events, we as an international telecommunications provider have not only been able to make our customers digital, but also to digitally design our corporate presentation in live communication. This means that our appearance at events is up to date at all times and can be changed at short notice.
Anja Paech
Marketing Manager Programs, ADVA Optical Networking GmbH
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ADVA Optical Networking is an international provider of fiber-based transmission technologies and telecommunications equipment. With over 1,500 employees at various locations, including Martinsried near Munich as its main site, Adva Optical inspires more than 10,000 companies and around 250 network operators worldwide with its solution. In order to also keep its finger on the pulse with its own corporate presentation, Adva Optical uses modern LEDskin® technology.