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Modular exhibition stands for

Stand size

20-40 qm


Various in Europe





The trade fair appearances and stand design

HEXAGON PURUS has made its presence felt not only in Germany but throughout Europe in recent months. The company has presented its pioneering products at major trade fairs in Norway and France. In order to adapt to the different regulations for trade fair appearances and to ensure maximum adaptability, HEXAGON PURUS relied on a first-class partnership with ExpoCloud.

Unique exhibition stands, tailored to each country's requirements, were created by drawing on ExpoCloud's proven expertise and experience. The cooperation allowed HEXAGON PURUS to operate without external resources. All exhibits and customized textile graphics are housed in the Service Hub Alsdorf. The modular exhibition systems, which offer additional flexibility, are also located here.

This pioneering approach allows HEXAGON PURUS to seamlessly adapt to the requirements of any venue while maintaining the outstanding quality of its products and presentation. Experience the world of HEXAGON PURUS on international stages, always perfectly coordinated thanks to the partnership with ExpoCloud.

Our dynamic B124 and B62 frames are used here! This innovative frame system not only enables fascinating backlighting, but also allows almost limitless creativity in the use of textile graphics. Flexibility is our trademark - and thanks to this frame system, you can transform your exhibition stand into different designs in no time at all. Our frames set the standard for customizable trade fair experiences that impress.

Particular challenges

Mastered with excellence: Challenges of a logistical nature and sophisticated presentations of the exhibits - HEXAGON PURUS shows itself from its best side. The imposing exhibits are undoubtedly impressive, but their size demanded innovative solutions on the compact exhibition stands. Ingenuity and creativity were used to put each exhibit in the spotlight - sometimes on pedestals, sometimes directly in focus.

Different regulations at international exhibitions. As the presence in various European cities had to be guaranteed, individual planning and adjustments had to be made for each appearance, which we mastered with professional precision and passion. Our international expertise makes us a reliable partner for boundless trade fair success.

Hexagon Purus exhibits

Thoughts and ideas

Small but impressive - HEXAGON PURUS attracted maximum attention on compact exhibition stands. Our solution? Backlit, large-scale exhibition walls that made a radiant impression in the truest sense of the word. With a well thought-out focus on a feel-good atmosphere, we also opted for floor coverings with an inviting wood look. The result: exhibition stands that not only stand out, but also convey warmth and comfort.

Hexagon Purus exhibition stand design

Personal thoughts on the modular exhibition stands 

HEXAGON PURUS impressed us with their exceptional flexibility and smooth cooperation. From finding ideas for the trade fair stands to the smooth realization of international appearances, every step was a real pleasure. We are looking forward to future projects and successful trade fair appearances with HEXAGON PURUS!


HEXAGON PURUS - THE ENGINE OF THE ENERGY TRANSITION - Hexagon Purus is a leading global supplier of Type 4 high-pressure hydrogen cylinders, complete vehicle systems and battery packs for fuel cell and battery electric vehicles (FCEV and BEV), including hybrid mobility applications for light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, transit buses, ground storage, distribution vehicles, marine, rail and aerospace.


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