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Agile collaboration for exhibiting companies, booth builders, event agencies, promotional materials dealers, rental equipment suppliers, event logistic companies and caterers. As efficient as sitting at a table with everyone involved at the right time. As an ecosystem, ExpoCloud supports your business success with process-optimized 360 degree event resource management.

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You decide which modules you want to use thus making ExpoCloud as individual and innovative as you like. Work together effectively and efficiently with your business partners according to your specifications. With ExpoCloud you can determine the speed, scalability and agility with which you position and present your company in the market.

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Every company is certified before becoming an ExpoCloud partner. The quality management standards of the event resource management platform guarantee simple and process-optimized workflows that offer maximum performance and efficiency for all of its users.




The Event Performance App

The ExpoCloud Event-Metrics App offers event performance data just like Google analytics does for online marketing campaigns. From the number of trade fair and booth visitors, their length of stay to the amount of returning visitors. All that data is in your hands and you can provide data-based answers on questions like these:

  • Which exhibit and booth concept is more attractive?
  • Which day and time are crucial?
  • Was the campaign at our booth a success?
  • Which event ist the most efficient?

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